Ammendments to SB 2783

Let’ ammend SB 2783 being heard tomorrow Monday 2/27 at the State Legislature Rm 016 at 10 AM.

How much will it take to clean it up before we can really use it?  another $200 million?  What’s the Return on our Investment…the ROI.  How much more will we have to invest in it to be useable land? Do we know the answer to these questions?  Does OHA?

Since everyone’s already pretty much signed on this,how about in addition to Kaka’ako, the Dump, let’s include lands and resources that are historically, politically and culturally important to native Hawaiians.  How about for starters:

  • ‘Iolani Palace, the artifacts in it, the armory, the grounds around it.  It really belongs to the Hawaiian people, not the State of Hawai’i.
  • Washington Place, home of Queen Lili’uokalani
  • Mauna Kea, also known as Mauna a Wākea, and the home of the goddess of snow Poliahu. The University claims that they don’t really make any money off the observatories anyway and they lease the land under each of them for $1 a year.
  • Kilauea, home of the goddess Pele and her fire clan.
  • Haleakala…..why not?

Anything else you want to add to the list?


GMO Rally at State Capitol with Walter Ritte

WATCH GMO Rally at State Capitol

Didn’t make it to the rally to support efforts to label foods that have been genetically modified?  Do you have a right to know?  Need to be educated on the issues?  Watch the video

Bad Bill: HB 1893 Exempts Projects from Enivironmental & Cultural Impact Review Process

In an effort to bypass the Environmental and Cultural Review process, HB 1893  will be heard Tuesday, February 28, 2012, at 11:00 A.M. in Room 308.   Submit testimony online at:

Type in “HB1893” in the box under “enter a measure” and click on “submit”

HB 1893 exempts projects if it “is a state project, and the governor before July 1, 2014, grants an exemption for the project from the environmental review process [OR] … is a county project, and the applicable mayor before July 1, 2014, grants an exemption for the project from the environmental review process [AND] … is entirely on state or county land …regardless of whether the state or county land is within …a historic site … a shoreline area. Is not within a conservation district. … A project granted an exemption under this Act shall not be subject to the judicial review …The court shall not order a stay of construction of the project during the pendency of the court’s deliberation on the petition.”

Essentially, the Superferry fiasco would have been exempted…. other similar projects will be given an open door… green light to run rampant over our ‘āina.

State settles $200 million dollar claim…native Hawaiians get…A Dump!

SB 2783 will be heard Monday 2/27 at 10 am in Room 16. You can submit your testimony on line at
The bill conveys Kakaako Makai lands to Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and resolves all disputes and controversies, and extinguishes, discharges and bars all claims, suits, and actions relating to OHA’s portion of income and proceeds from the public trust lands for the period November 7, 1978 through June 30, 2012.